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Wyatt Family Dental | Our services
Our services
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Our services


A crown is a restorative treatment done on a tooth to restore the shape and size of the tooth. It also enhances the tooth’s appearance and strength. The original tooth is prepared down small enough for the crown to be placed on top, fully encasing the visible portion of the tooth above the gum line.


A bridge is generally used to replace missing teeth. A crown is placed on the tooth in front of, and behind the missing tooth. Between these two crowns attaching them together are the replacement teeth that fill in the gap.


Complete dentures are a removable prosthesis that replace all teeth in one arch (upper or lower). Partial dentures (partials) are metal based with acrylic attached and covering the outside to appear your natural gums and teeth.

Root canal treatment

When a tooth has become infected or a cavity has spread to the nerve of a tooth, root canal therapy may be required to save the tooth and remove infection. Signs of infection may be an abscess on the gums, swelling or significant pain and sensitivity.


If a tooth is badly decayed, fractured on the root, or deemed nonrestorable, an extraction is the next step. In the process of extracting a tooth, the bone is simply slowly expanded and separated from the tooth structure until the tooth is delivered from the socket.


If a patient presents with cavities, a filling is a possible treatment option to get rid of it. When a filling is done, the decay is removed and the tooth cleaned. A material that looks like your tooth called composite is used to replace the decayed tooth structure.

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Lasers are becoming an integral part of dental practices. With the use of Laser technology, we can now perform procedures surgical and otherwise that will heal faster and reduce pain considerably. Ask us how laser treatment may benefit your individual dental needs.


Implants are ideal for replacing missing teeth. Implants are a very suitable alternative, especially for people wearing dentures. Implants are surgically placed in the bone and given time to heal. Once they have healed with the surrounding bone, they then function as the roots of the teeth. Come in today to see how implants can change your everyday life.

Sleep Apnea

It has become evident that sleep disorders are the result of many harmful illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and respiratory disease. Also, it has been noted that severe consequences may result from this condition if it goes untreated. Many people are unable to tolerate a C-PAP machine which is the most common form of treatment recommended. At Wyatt Family Dental, we will evaluate your sleep health and help you determine which therapy would give you the best results.